Still on that trip….

I’m back in Albuquerque now.

Nancy met me in Santa Fe and we drove to Taos. We stayed in an organic farm bed and Breakfast…beautiful and secluded and full of animals and wonderful food and an amazing owner and a well. The well was the problem. When I went to wash my face before bed the smell of sulphur was so strong and so sickening that I was ready to leave. I ranted for about 5 minutes (a record SHORT rant for me) until I realized that all I had to do was not turn the water on again. So, when we left this morning after breakfast, I was unshowered and in the same clothes as yesterday. Problem solved. Now, if I had made a plan to stay there longer than one night I would have moved hotels, but as it was it was  a blip..and for once i treated it as one, and enjoyed the experience and the adventure.

Taos is a great little city, but on this trip I am just not into shopping…I’m into experiences, and there is so much to see. I have never considered myself a desert girl, still don’t really, but there are some truly gorgeous, desolate, brilliant sights to see in the deserts of Arizona and new mexico..I am seriously amazed. Today we drove from Taos to an Indian Pueblo, and then on to Georgia O’Keefe country, Abbique and Ghost ranch. So interesting to see what she saw, what she painted, what saved her life. The land saved her life, her relationship to the land, the mountains, the desolate desert landscape produced amazing work and a real person. Loved it.

When we got back to the house it was cocktail time and I actually needed to be reminded i did not like scotch. because it sounded good to me. Not “i’m gonna drink it ” good, but “i’d sure like a scotch right now” good. A friend i was texting with reminded me I didn’t like scotch…so that helped. But I haven’t been to a meeting since last Tuesday in Sedona, and i think i ought to try my best to get to one tomorrow. I feel it when I don’t go, and it is fun going in different areas of the country.

Tomorrow it will be  interesting watching the debates with my undecided friends. I would have said they were decided, but i can’t read them. We’re all playing it pretty close to the vest…well, I’m clearly for Obama, but, for once, it is hard to tell with them. Interesting. There are many stickers here for Obama that say “Obamanos! vote”. I like that and am planning on getting one for my car before I leave.

And speaking of leaving, I still have no idea when I’m leaving or where I’m going. I have been trying to make reservations in Page, Arizona, thinking maybe I’d go to Monument Valley, even Bryce and Zion, but reservations are slim pickings right now. Maybe I’ll just go and see…..there are always drop-outs, and I’ve had luck doing that other places. The maybe Vegas? I don’t know.

I feel free, although bound by getting back for group next Thursday. And I’ve been asked to lead another group starting 2 weeks from tomorrow, a group for adults mourning the death of a child. YIKES! That sounds hard, but then it all sounds  hard. Knowing that whoever the person is that they are grieving is the worst thing that could possibly happen helps put it into perspective. A widow, a person whose parent has died, or’s all grief and they all need help, and I have the experience. So I think I’m going to take that group.

I said to someone today that I wish I’d been brave enough to have a particular experience…but the thing is I am brave enough to do what I do. Take on a new group, travel alone, travel without reservations.We all have our own bravery, our own experience, and I have to honor that in myself as well as others. I’m pretty damn brave; I need to give myself a break. I am getting better at it though, and will continue to. The pace doesn’t matter, the outcome does.

Today I am brave and loving my life.

That’s good.


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  1. Applauding loudly!

    Ciao, Nora

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