Gambling, Gamboling

Tomorrow I leave for Las Vegas, a road and escape trip with my BFF. We have been talking about it forever but just decided, last week to DO IT!

Sometimes that’s what it takes, the decision to just do it. We were going to leave on Monday, but more fun, more excitement, more time away from real-life seemed a better idea. And better ideas win, right?

I’d be lying if I said that Vegas didn’t make me a touch nervous. The pervasiveness of alcohol, well, you all know. But I’m ready for it. I don’t want to drink, know I can’t drink, can always hit a meeting or call someone if I get a little cranky. BFF barely drinks, and while our favorite gambling position has always been sitting at the bar playing video poker, I bet she’ll be cool with sitting at the actual machines with me this time. Plus…CRAPS!!! I intend to stand at a table and scream a bit, and drinks just get in the way at the craps table. We both like to shop and lay around too…I am starting to get all SSSQQQQQUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!excited.

This trip, of course, started me thinking of past trips, which made me want to tell my favorite Vegas story. Let’s see how this translates.

Tom’s 40th birthday, and what he wants to do is go to Vegas. With friends (always the more people around the better it was). I don’t remember exactly how many of us went, but a decent number. We stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget, his favorite hotel and the recipient of some ash scattering on my last trip there after he died. To celebrate his bday we went to the top of the Stratosphere Hotel downtown for a fancy dinner. Now, I am not a heights girl. It’s not that I’m afraid of’s more that when I get somewhere high I have an overwhelming urge to throw myself off of said high place. I am also claustrophobic, so elevators are a necessary evil to me, used sparingly. To get to the top of the Stratosphere you have to go in a glass elevator up about 100 stories, maybe it was 1000 stories, I don’t know. It was high and it was in an elevator that you could see through and I was not happy. I did it, of course. I stood as far from the glass as I could get, huddled amongst all my friends, eyes closed, breathing deeply and knowing that, if we made it, there would be a martini waiting for me.

There were MANY martini’s waiting for me. We ate, had a ball, but I knew I still had to come back DOWN that damned elevator! After dinner all the ladies retired to the bar because we needed more drinks and the bar had the added plus of the cutest damned Irish bartender ever. We laughed and talked and drank, and by the time we were ready to go back down and start getting our gambling on I was ready. Primed. Resolute. Drunk as a skunk.

We entered the elevator and I fully intended to stand in the back again, but suddenly I noticed how HIGH we were. And how PRETTY all the SPARKLY lights of Vegas were. And I wasn’t afraid to stand close to the glass and enjoy the view…or rather, flatten myself against the glass and scream VEEGGGGGASSSSSSSSSSSS!!! all the way down.

When we got back to the Nugget my girlfriend Laurie and I were going to go back to our rooms for a minute while the others stayed behind. As we headed to the elevators, we passed a craps table with  a lot of people around it. They  looked like they were having  fun, so we decided to stop and watch. Neither of us had ever played craps before, but, no bother. We had martini’s and we were in Vegas and so we started betting (with a lot of help from the guys at the table). When the dice came to me I was off! I rolled for probably 1/2 hour. When I finally lost and it moved to Laurie…she held it and rolled for 45 minutes. That is a LONG time at the table, and it attracted a LOT of attention. Our table was 4 or 5 people deep, with lots of screaming and laughing and winning! There was one guy at the end of the table who started betting against the roll and Laurie and I were yelling at him and baiting him as she continued to roll over and over. Suddenly, over the crowd, I heard a very familiar laugh and the comment that we were like “Thelma and Louise” at the crap table. Tom and our friend David had been watching and enjoying the show without our even knowing it, and for the rest of the trip we were Thelma and Louise.

Good times.

I doubt this trip will be as exciting, but that’s probably for the best. Though some luck would be appreciated!

On a side note, I re-upped at a dating site today. I don’t know, when I’m ready to gamble I guess I am READY to gamble, on all fronts. There was a big deal going on, what the hell. So maybe we’ll add some gamboling to the mix soon. Would be nice.

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